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Q. Are you a new online retailer?

  • Basel Watch Shop is the online store for Basel Watch Company LLC, a Dubai based wholesaler and retailer of watches and accessories since 1988. The company distributes its products all all across the UAE and several GCC countries. This online shopping experience has been revamped since May 2020, from its previous address:, which was active since 2017.
    Our online store is primarily meant for reaching out to our customers all over the globe.

Q. What brands do you carry?

  • Basel Watch Company is the Authorized Distributor/ Retailer for ADRIATICA, ALBA, ANNE KLEIN, BART & MELON, BLADE, CASIO, CITIZEN, DANIEL KLEIN, ELIZ, ENICAR, ESPRIT, FOSSIL, G-SHOCK, HAAS & CIE, LEE COOPER, MINI FOCUS, ORIENT, REEBOK, SEIKO, SESCA, SWISTAR, TED LAPIDUS, TITAN, WESTAR, and ZINVO brands of Watches and accessories. We also carry the C-SECURE brand of RFID-Secure Wallets. 

    While we do carry all of the above brands at our retail points-of-sale, they are not all available online yet. However, we will be adding new products and brands on a daily basis with exciting offers yet to come. 

Q. How do I know these products are genuine?

  • As an Authorized Dealer of the above-mentioned brands, we assure 100% authenticity for the products we sell. Basel Watch has earned a reputation over the past 30 years to sell high-quality products at competitive prices. Every product sold comes with a guarantee of being brand new, unused, manufacturer warranty, and original packaging. We provide after-sales repair service within UAE and internationally.

 Q. What is Quartz?

  • A Quartz watch movement is powered by a tiny battery that powers a quartz crystal to oscillate at a frequency of 32,768 times per second. Since this battery uses very little electricity, it can last several years before needing to be replaced. The vibration is split into appropriate lengths of time by a microchip which translates into physical movement by a magnetic coil. This keeps your wristwatch remarkably accurate. Gravity doesn't figure in the workings of a quartz movement at all but its accuracy could be affected by drastically varying temperatures.
Q. What is better? Quartz or Automatic?
  • It depends. While most people consider it to be the difference between a simple vs complicated movement, it is more than that. To understand the degree of complexity between the two, it would be best to know more about each of them in a little more detail. We have already covered the meaning of Quartz above, now let’s take a look at what is commonly referred to as Automatic:

    Automatic movements are actually Mechanical movements wherein the kinetic energy produced to run the watch is powered automatically by a rotor. A Mechanical watch movement can be dated back in history as the first to power wristwatches and pocket-watches. It contains more components and was required to be wound manually by hand in order to maintain its accuracy. These components are most often of a higher quality in order to ensure consistency and therefore, end up being higher-priced than Quartz movements. However, even an Automatic Mechanical watch would need to be serviced by a professional every 4-5 years to maintain its accuracy. For all practical purposes, a Quartz watch may be considered better than a Mechanical watch for keeping time more accurately and generally being less expensive.

    At Basel Watch Shop, you will find watches using both Quartz and Automatic movements. The performance of these movements have been tried and tested over the past several decades. So your choice may be based on your personal preference, but we can ascertain you of its quality and reliability.

Q. Do you have physical retail locations?

  • Yes we do. Please refer to the locations under Stores to find a location closest to you. You may view and try out the best of our selections at these retail locations and make your most suitable choice!